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So you may be asking,
"What's a Spiritual Harpist?"

For me, it's my purpose...
awakening memories of
compassion and
love within the listener


The music that flows through me

as an expression of the deep

spiritual connection between

me and my husband, John.

"The Magic Mirror" is one of

the first CDs which reflects

our deep inner connection.

As John shared with me

vibrational healing chants,

his voice awakened

a deep remembrance

within my soul as the melodies

began to play me from the inside.

"The Magic Mirror" was recorded

to simply release and share the

melodies that were continually

'playing'  me from within.

I did not 'write' or 'create' these

melodies - I listened.

May these healing melodies awaken

the love within your heart and

touch your soul with the deep

remembrance of who you are.

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The Magic Mirror CD

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